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Beason Wilkes

April 11, 1950 – October 24, 2007

There are no words to describe the loss this company has endured with the passing of Beason Wilkes. Affectionately known as the “Mayor” of The Wharf, Beason was the first employee of The Wharf, occupying our first office, a mere double wide located under the bridge back in September 2004. Every component of the development reflects the passion, vision and spirit of Beason. He loved this place with all of his heart, but more than that, he genuinely loved the people with whom he worked or came in contact. He was infectious, endearing, humble, disarming, loyal, honorable, patient, comforting, a peacemaker but above all, so well loved by all, and genuinely loved, like one loves their own brother or sister. Beason was a best friend, an adoring and devoted husband, a loving father and a passionate grandfather. He was everything one could aspire to be in life. He was a true class act. As Beason battled his illness, he exemplified the words of Joshua 1:7 – facing every trial with the utmost strength and courage, never afraid or dismayed, knowing always that the Lord our God was with him in whatever challenge he met. This assurance gave him the fortitude to persevere with a joy and a peace that still surpasses all understanding.

We often say great things about great people when it is too late for them to hear it, but I think Beason knew how much he was loved as one could not help but show it when in his presence.

We love you Beason!